Mosquito Bite Protection and Interventions

Floridians deal with more than 80 types of Mosquito’s and we recognize that they are annoying but more importantly carry disease. Here in Collier County we love and protect our environment so our methodologies are specific and everything in moderation.

Here are a two natural ways that we can use to protect ourselves and families.

  1. There is a product called Mosquito Barrier which is a garlic based non chemical barrier. This has been used by farmers and gardeners for years and because it has natural sulfur it repeals mosquitoes.
  2. Citronella plants are also anti-mosquito and can be used around the periphery of a home or in pots on lanais. Crushing one of the leaves and then using it as a natural repellent on the skin is also a simple but effective technique. Candles are also available in this same pleasant sweet citrus scent.