Diseases Associated with Mosquito Transmission

Several of the mosquito species that inhabit Florida are capable of transmitting pathogens that sometimes cause disease in humans, horses, and some companion animals like dogs and cats. The following is a list of mosquito-borne diseases that have been detected in Florida:

  • Chikungunya
    Affects humans, no vaccine.
  • Dengue
    Affects humans, no vaccine.
  • Dog heartworm
    Affects dogs and cats. Preventatives available from veterinarians.
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis
    Affects humans, horses, and some exotic birds. Vaccine is available for horses.
  • St Louis Encephalitis
    Affects humans , no vaccine
  • West Nile Fever and West Nile Encephalitis
    Affects humans and horses. Vaccine available for horses.

Information used for articled on Florida’s 5 mosquitoes and Diseases obtained from www.floridahealth.gov

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