What Attracts Mosquitos?

A female mosquito seeking blood to nourish her eggs is primarily attracted to carbon dioxide. When humans exhale carbon dioxide is released.

After feeding on blood, the female mosquito needs to find a resting spot while her body digests the blood, this can take up to three days. She looks for dark, shady, well protected areas to rest to avoid being eaten and to stay warm and humid.

Both male and female mosquitoes will look for places to rest in between the times they are feeding and mating. They look for dark, moist, protected areas and can be found around wet bags, dark corners inside barns or on porches, around damp mops and other like items, and in dense vegetation.

When the female mosquito has digested a blood meal and is ready to lay eggs, she is attracted to various water sources. Some mosquitoes species are very picky about where they lay their eggs and will search until they find the perfect water sources for their tastes. Preferred water sites are still non turbulent locations.

Information obtained from USF, IFAS extension

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