Thank you for your support in the election. I look forward to serving you as your next Mosquito Control Commissioner. 

“I wish Noah would have swatted those first two mosquitoes.”

Why I am running for Collier Mosquito Control District 2

I want to continue my service to the Naples and Collier Community by enhancing our quality of life.

Mosquito Control is Essential

With the recognition that mosquito’s bring disease and are a serious health concern.

I will use my healthcare background in collaboration with other team members in evaluating risks and benefits to the methodology of control.

As a Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager I am aware of the importance of following defined protocols established by State and Federal guidelines.


RN, BSN, MA, Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager

Business Background

  • 30 years in Healthcare Administration including Acute, Chronic Care, Long Term Care, Specialty Care, Psychiatry, Area Director for two Healthcare Corporations with responsibility for multi-state properties.
  • Owner and Editor for Life in Naples Magazine, fifteen years experience as an owner in local print media.
  • I am a previous owner and marketed a charter sailing business in the Virgin Island.
  • Experienced in Sales, Marketing, and Business ethics

Letters to the Editor of Support

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